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KNEE Procedures


Dr Tewari has extensive experience and great success in Knee Replacement Surgery for arthritis of the knee.

A knee replacement is a surgical procedure that involves the replacement of all or part of a diseased or damaged knee joint with artificial prosthetic knee joint. The knee replacement aims to improve function by reducing pain and increasing mobility of the joint.

An important factor in deciding whether to have hip replacement surgery is understanding what the procedure can and cannot do. Most people who undergo knee replacement surgery experience a dramatic reduction of knee pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform the common activities of daily living.

With normal use and activity, the material of knee replacement implant begins to wear. Excessive activity or being overweight may speed up this normal wear and cause the hip replacement to loosen and become painful. However with appropriate care and activity the replacement can last for years.


Dr Tewari has extensive experience and great success in Knee Replacement Surgery for arthritis of the knee.

Most ACL tears cannot be sutured (stitched) back together. To surgically repair the ACL and restore knee stability, the ligament must be reconstructed with a graft tissue. The graft will provide scaffolding for a new ligament to grow.

The graft can be obtained from several sources. Often they are taken from the patellar tendon, which runs between the kneecap and the shinbone. Hamstring tendons at the back of the thigh are a common source of grafts. Sometimes a quadriceps tendon, which runs from the kneecap into the thigh, is used.

Because the regrowth takes time, it may be six months or more before an athlete can return to sports after surgery.

Surgery to rebuild an anterior cruciate ligament is done with an arthroscope using small incisions. Arthroscopic surgery is less invasive. The benefits of less invasive techniques include less pain from surgery, less time spent in the hospital, and quicker recovery times.

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